We started our mission for the perfect blend back in 2018, and after months of experimentation (and a large amount of Stellski joy and enthusiasm) our first blend was created – the original Stellski African Blend.    Since then we have created “In the Loop” in honour of our Espresso Bar situated on 59 Loop Street, and that which is dedicated to the beautiful people of Cape Town.   

Born in Cape Town, Stellski Coffee is passionate about our continent and we only purchase Beans from Africa. Always Fairtrade and ethically sourced, we can assure you that each bag of beans purchased makes a positive difference to the coffee community. 

Our exclusive blends of 100% Arabica coffee beans are always optimally roasted ensuring the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity and flavour are met.  

Our coffee is roasted to order so it always arrives to you fresh. Choose from our variety of pack sizes, blends as well as beans or plunger ground coffee.

🌍African roasted coffee beans // Direct Fair Trade // Speciality coffee // Arabica Beans

Order and collect in store or contact us [ 072 135 2677] and we will deliver direct to your front door. Please contact us for wholesale prices and to find out more about bringing Stellski coffee to your office, hotel or restaurant.


Payment can be made via Snap Scan (scroll down for code) EFT or via secure online payment card Please submit proof of payment when making your order.

Bank details: Stellski’s Pty Ltd/ Nedbank/ Branch code: 198765/ Account number: 1178695670 

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